Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sarah's Blog about Sex Education!!

I thought this was a good student video watch because this is a subject area that doesn't get the time that it should in the classroom. Sarah made an awesome video about how sex education used to just be about making babies and now she believes that schools should go into more detail about STDs and other areas of sex education that get left out of the education our students get. Here's the truth, I understand that sex has been a taboo subject since probably the beginning of time but as adults we have to understand that teens ARE having sex and that they are getting into situations after having sex that they shouldn't be because our schools and parents aren't telling them about birth control and contraception. I love that she used her own drawings in the video to show what she was talking about. It makes her very easy to relate to. Here is the video so that you can watch it and a link to the website:

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