Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Video on Cameron

Ok... first of all can I just say that this kid is a genius when it comes to technology!! I am really jealous of him. He is so driven to make sure he has learned everything about technology and he want to continue to learn more things about it. If we had more children who were as driven then him I think our world might be different. I really like that the people filming him focused on how using and understanding technology can help you with problem solving and how it can help you to become a more creative person. I also really like how Cameron is able to help teach his teachers things that they didn't know about technology. He focuses on how technology helps him to learn because he can visualize the concepts he is trying to learn. I also like that he enlightens his teachers so that they can use the things he has taught them to help the other students learn easier. I am a visual learner like Cameron so I think the fact that he uses technology to help him learn is really cool. I think that I would have been a better student when I was younger if I could have had exposure to the kinds of things they have now. I hope I can be as creative as him when become a teacher because I don't want my class to be a boring place and I want to keep the students up with the technology because I think that is important. This video showed me many ways that I can incorporate technology into my teaching like using powerpoint, and making videos that can help the student interact and learn at the same time. I think all teachers should watch this video to see the endless options they have to making their classroom not boring and making it a place where kids can have fun and interact with each other. Here is the video so you can watch it if you want.


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