Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love Luis' story because I am sort of going through the same thing with my mom right now. My mom doesn't know very much about technology but she realizes that our world is becoming more of a technology world so she understands that she needs to understand how to do things with technology. I like how he is showing his whole family how to use different types of technology so that they can stay connected with their family. I like the 4-H tech wizards program that he does because it helps to teach them about teamwork and it seems like this program has a lot of components to it that will help the students to improve their technology skills. I really like learning about these kids because they seem to wake up and do a lot of the things like I do and I think that shows just how dependent on technology we are so we should try to become so familiar with it so that we can do things in our world today.

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